Everyone likes getting a good deal on shopping for things that are unnecessary (completely need it but won’t admit it). It definitely makes us feel better about our spending habits when we can get things on sale or get more for the money. So I will show you the tips I use to make the most of my purchases!


Let me tell you how ebates has become basically my best friend. I am a busy college student and getting to the store to go shopping for things is usually not in my time frame. Therefore, I use online shopping to make my life a little easier and save time. And I heard about ebates from multiple youtubers who use it and I decided to download it and I’m telling you it has saved me hundreds of dollars and the best part is it is available almost everywhere on everything!! They give you a percentage back of whatever you spend and even better they usually can find additional coupons for the website your on and apply it to your order plus the cash back!!

If you want to try ebates you can use this link and get $10 free for signing up!!




So many times I just browse online at my favorite stores and don’t pay attention to the millions of emails I get from them. Recently I have realized if you open up some of those emails they usually contain a discount code or a time when they’re giving stuff away or free shipping. So if you have items in your cart and your about to check out, double check your email first before you order! You never know what you might find!!!

P.S. Most online stores will give you a percentage off just for signing up for the email list too.


3. See If Your Item Is On Amazon

Always check amazon first. Usually you can find whatever you’re buying on amazon for a few dollars cheaper and also amazon’s shipping is extremely fast.

If you’re a college student you can get amazon prime for super cheap and get your first month free!

4. Only Buy When Items Are On Sale.

If you don’t need the item right away than wait to buy it. Everything goes on sale at some point. Usually they go on sale right as the season for it is peaking or just about over.

5. Look At Different Retailers

Sometimes different online retailers will have the same item for cheaper. I once found a Stella McCartney bag that I was in love with at Nordstrom for full price, but I found it on Net-a-Porter on sale!!! So especially designer purchases, LOOK EVERYWHERE  before making an investment into a piece.

6. Pick Up In Store Option

Most stores that have the store online also will have a pick up in store option this is always better because you can get all the discounts of shopping online including using ebates but you don’t have to pay for shipping and you can have the item that day!

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