3 Accessories I Do Not Regret Buying

There will always be items that you find and are happy you bought. These are some items that I have bought and still am in love with like the day I bought them.

My Chanel Sunglasses

chanel-5313-50126-ld-1I have never been happier with any other purchase than my Chanel Sunglasses. I first saw them in a sunglass hut in soho and fell in love with them. I didn’t buy them that day though. I kept thinking about them for probably a couple of months and tried them on a few times


until I decided they were something I really wanted to invest in. At the time I was 17 and didn’t make much money so I had saved for my life for these sunglasses and the day I bought them felt like the most rewarding moment. To this day I wear them almost every day even over some of my other designer pairs, these are my favorite and were well worth the price.

Kate Spade Hayden Bag

katespadehaydenEveryone has their favorite handbag that no matter how many they have they always go back to one. Mine is my Kate Spade Hayden bag. One of Kate Spade’s classic style bags but is definitely a staple of mine. It was my first Kate Spade item and I still can’t get over the “it’s prettttty” stage with it. The color are neutral (fitting m
y aesthetic) and a simple shape with saffiano leather and it is cross body. Everything I look for in a bag. I can bring almost anything I want with me without losing everything at the bottom of the bag.

  Kate Spade Cedar Street Hayden

Nine West Black Suede Thigh High Boots

A pair of blaced48a2f967a42d6b44975714bafd8cc2k boots are always an essential to every girls wardrobe. This pair from Nine West really are my favorite though and there are many reasons why. For one, they are black, they go with EVERYTHIN
G. For two, they are suede. I feel like with suede boots they can either be casual or they can dress up an outfit. Also, they are thigh high, and this pair of thigh highs specifically I am able to wear them thigh high or i can fold them under to be knee high or slouch them for a cute slouchy look. And lastly, they are flat so they are extremely comfortable.


Check back to see my post on Ways to Wear Thigh High Boots!!!


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