Tips & Tricks To Use At Starbucks

We all know EVERYONE loves Starbucks. But your favorite daily coffee stop definitely adds up to be a pretty penny. Take a look at these tips and tricks to save some money!

Be a Starbucks rewards member

If you know you go to Starbucks just about everyday, then your better off having the rewards. You will save money with all the little rewards they give out just for paying off the app. You get stars which add up to free items! And they’ll have little challenges that will earn you bonus stars. To be honest, what they are trying to do is make you spend more money, but if you know you’re gonna spend it anyways than use the app.

FREE Refillsstocksnap_5pbtealz74

Yes I said Free. If you pay for your Starbucks off the app you might’ve heard of the benefits of being a card member. Almost every morning I stop for my coffee on my way to work or school and ALWAYS ASK FOR A RECEIPT. Once I’m at school or work and think about taking another trip to Starbucks I go and ask for a refill and they will sometimes ask for a receipt (they know me at every store I go to so they don’t ask anymore LOL).

Get The Most Out Of Your Coffee

Instead of asking for room, ask for the size you want in a bigger cup, therefore you get the full amount of coffee but you still have room for cream.

And… if you get iced drinks like I do ask for light ice or a separate cup for ice that way you also get the full amount of your drink.

Have a Puppy That Likes Starbucks Too?

If you go to Starbucks and ask for a puppycino they will give you a free cup of whipped cream for your dog!

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